(The Elemental Series: Book Two)
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ISBN # 1601549784

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It's not where you live—it's who you love.

Water Elemental Morgan Clifton has finally found somewhere to belong. As the chef at a bed-and-breakfast on beautiful Nantucket Island, she uses her gift - the power to manipulate water - to cook for guests, and even to influence the weather. At last, she fits in...and then the bottom drops out. The property's been sold, and the new buyer rattles her peace of mind from the first word out of his mouth.

Businessman Trent Williams lives on dissolving dreams - dismantling properties and selling off the pieces. When he arrives to buy the Seaglass Inn, the last thing he expects to find is a mysterious chef who won't leave. The more they battle, the more intrigued he is...especially about the secret she's hiding.

Trent believes in finance, not family. Morgan longs for the ties that bind. Are they running from each other, or are their clashes the first step to finding true happiness?

Excerpt from WATER

Morgan risked a look over her shoulder. "It's hard to cook a breakfast for eight with you...distracting me."

"Distracting you?" Trent rose from his seat and rounded the butcher block. Morgan spun back to her work and heard him come up behind her.

Right behind her.

She felt his body heat through the back of her blouse, though he hadn't touched her. His breath puffed across her neck where her ponytail left it bare. "I have lots better ways of distracting a person."

His husky voice skimmed her spine as if he'd run a fingertip down her back. Why, why, why had she said anything to him at all? Why hadn't she just kept her big mouth shut and let him sit there until breakfast was ready? Her body tingled all over - her gift, bouncing off her tenuous hold on it, and something much more primal, responding to his unspoken invitation. She started to hope that he'd quit this seesaw of flirt-hate with her, and stick to one...then thought better of it. She doubted she could handle any more "flirt" without doing something dumb. "I don't need a distraction."

"But you want one."

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Praise for WATER:

"A touching, humorous story about home being where the heart is. Very refreshing." ~ SIZZLING HOT BOOK REVIEWS

"Enchanting and charming." ~ ROMANCING THE BOOK

"The struggles of the characters were very believable and relatable, and oh! that ending <3" ~ Amy Bartelloni, author of THE ANDROMEDA SERIES

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