About AIR

(The Elemental Series: Book Three)
On sale now from The Wild Rose Press

ISBN # 9781628308143

There's a storm coming. Hold onto your heart....

Air Elemental Elsa Pemberley is a born idealist. Instead of resenting her power over the wind, she uses it to help others. The best way to do that is to chase storms in the heart of Tornado Alley. She meets her match in Harrison Litchfield, a man who is fleeing from a past both treacherous and tragic. Masquerading as a traveling blues singer, he has managed to keep moving, but beautiful Elsa stops him in his tracks.

She makes a life out of chasing. He's made a living by running. When Harry's past catches up to them both during a devastating storm, there's only one thing to do—hold on tight with both hands...

Excerpt from AIR

Elsa stepped closer, gripping his hands tighter. "Please let me help you, Harry," she whispered.

Pain twisted in his chest. "Why?"

She surprised him when an echo of his pain flashed across her own features. The downturn of her mouth punched a reflex button inside him, made him want to kiss her, to erase it, to see her smile again. "Because there are people I couldn't help, and they're gone now."

They stood there, frozen, with his hands in hers and that wind fluttering their hair. Harry sucked it into his chest, wishing it could blow away the ashes in his past and still leave him something to hold onto. Something permanent. Something that stayed. Somewhere he could stay.

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"Exciting ... I can't wait to read more from this writer." ~ Amazon reviewer

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