(The Elemental Series: Book One)
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How do you save a man's ranch when he won't tell you he's the reason it's failing?

Once a powerful Earth Elemental with the gift of making anything grow, Kincade Murphy is about to lose his failing ranch. If he can't recall his shattered power and restore his land, he and his foster siblings will be forced to leave their cherished sanctuary. He needs help, but getting it means risking discovery of his powers.

A fledgling plant biologist, Allyson Hamilton is determined to prove herself at her high-stakes university job. But when she takes on a research project at Kincade's ranch, she finds its secretive owner too captivating to ignore.

Cade has little reason to believe Ally can help him, but then she triggers tantalizing flashes of his sleeping gift. It's a balancing act between guilty deceit and heady desire, until they uncover a plot to force him off his land. Now he must risk it all to protect her...no matter how hard she is to resist.

Excerpt from EARTH

Kincade swept a hand at the barren ground of the trail. "This look like a good enough spot to stop for more soil samples?"

"Sure," Ally answered, dragging her gaze away from him with a pang of regret.

They slipped from their horses together. Cade led his mount to the edge of the worn dirt trail and tied its reins to a sturdy branch. He turned back to take her horse's reins as she led the animal closer. The motion brought him up short just inches away.

His body went rigid as stone. Time stopped and held its breath with her.

The warmth in her face could have been the sun. The tingle on her skin might have been the light breeze lifting her hair. But only the green, green depths of his eyes caused such a quivering in her belly. Standing mere inches away, he studied her like some ancient mystery.

If she had to go by his eyes alone, she couldn't have said how old he was--but it might have been centuries.

He loomed close enough for his body heat to draw a sharp contrast to the cool mountain air. His gaze dropped to her mouth. She heard the soft hiss of his indrawn breath, and he took half a step closer. Her heartbeat doubled speed. "We shouldn't do this," he murmured.

For once in her life, she didn't care what she should or shouldn't do. Everything ceased to exist but the phantom heat emanating from him. Something in her whispered that she'd never get this chance again. She took a breath to slow her pounding heart and closed the distance between their bodies. "What if I want to?"

A haunted look flashed across his face. Faint lines formed between his brows. "I shouldn't, Ally."

Disappointment speared her. Unwilling to let him see how much his refusal hurt, she turned away.

His warm, rough hand slipped into hers. Surprised, she turned back.

He stepped closer and rooted her to the spot with a heated stare. "I didn't say I didn't want to."

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Praise for EARTH:

"Fresh, fast-paced, and riotously colorful. I loved every minute of it." ~ Michelle McAdam, author of SOMEWHERE LOVE

"Compelling, vivid, and rich. A tender romance with intriguing elements of paranormal and a bit of mystery." ~ Kari Lee Townsend, National Bestselling Author

"The emotional adventure of a struggling rancher, [EARTH] gives new meaning to the words 'Power of Love.' " ~ Barbara Witek, author of EXTREME LOVE MAKEOVER

Four tombstones - "very enjoyable" ~ BITTEN BY BOOKS

"Like a dream come true" ~ Amazon reviewer

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